"When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you."-Susan Sarandon

      Compassion, joy, collaboration, equity, and empowering others inspire what we do. Through our collaborative cconsulting with community organizations and educational stakeholders, we help build sustainable policy and programs to engage hearts and minds with cultural competence, empathy, creativity, and critical thinking. We  offer professional development trainings, program and policy development, as well as hands on coaching  and  modeling to help integrate social justice,  STEAM , ESL, holistic best practices as well as Social Emotional and mental health development PreK to Adult. We also assist community groups with community projects, bringing diverse members together to enhance local neighborhoods.                                                                               -Denise Emmerling-Baker EdD,  Director


Photo by Fred Swan

Contact us: for educational consultanting and community collaboration projects that promote inclusion, critical thinking, empathy, cultural understanding, and holistic/sustainable practices.