"When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you."-Susan Sarandon

"I know I speak for many others when I say how impressed I was with the workshop presented by Denise.  It gave me more practical takeaway strategies than any other workshop I've EVER attended...These strategies will directly impact ALL stdents...anything that can cultivate interest and help students understand the relevance of classroom knowledge to their own lives will make a major impact on student achievement. I really appreciate having had this opportunity..."-High School Teacher, Federal Way, WA 

                                                 Photo by Denise E. Baker, Havana, Cuba

Education, Equity, Social Emotional Skills, Art & Quality Improvement Consultant:                                                          11 years experience consulting in over 36 states, Canada and Puerto Rico

                For organizations, companies, schools, policy makers and educational stake holders:                  Social Justice, Cultural Competence, Unconscious Bias, Empathetic and Compassionate Leadership, Equity Literacy, English Language Development, Trauma Informed Practices, Social Emotional Learning, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Restorative Practices, Differentiation, Mental Health Awareness, STEAM...

     Our education consulting is led by Denise Emmerling-Baker, EdD Educational Leadership: An international consultant specializing in best practices for Pre-K to grade 12 in Literacy, English Language Arts, English Language Learner Programs, Cultural Diversity, Common Core State Standards, and embedding arts, social justice, and social emotional standards in academic curriculum.  Dr. Emmerling-Baker has over 18 years as a preK-12 school teacher, coach, Literacy and ELL Specialist. Currently consulting on her own, Denise works with immigrant families who move to Oregon for business, teaching language and cultural competence, while continuing to volunteer as a consultant nationally with NEA Social Justice Department. Dr. Emmerling-Baker also continues to engage in private tutoring, guest teaching, training and coaching as requested, while helping build networks of artists, arts institutions, schools and other organizations to promote arts and equity in education and the community.

     Dr. Emmerling-Baker's research: A Qualitative Interpretive Phenomenological Study of K5 Teachers' Perceptions of Empathy Instruction, published in 2017, corroborated other research indicating that educators want to give more focus to empathy instruction and practice, but need leaders to guide them and the community to share their focus for compassion and creativity.                   Dr. Baker is not only an educational leader, but her experience as an RN with a BSN from OHSU offers her insight and experience with the intersections of mental and physical health upon student engagement and achievement. 

 Recent Honors for Dr. Emmerling-Baker include: 

·  Media related to Sylvania, Illinois district training for Cultural Diversity, October 2017                                                                               http://www.wtol.com/clip/13822871/sylvania-schools-embraces-growing-diversity

·  Selected co-speaker-Social Justice and Diversity, October 2017, Indiana State Teachers Association Rising Educator      Conference, https://www.ista-in.org/uploads/Rising-Educator-Conference-Session-Descriptions.pdf

·  Research Publication, A Qualitative Interpretive Phenomenological Study of K5 Teachers' Perceptions of Empathy Instruction, 2017,https://pqdtopen.proquest.com/doc/1923902134.html?FMT=ABS

·  Member of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education 2017

·  Academic Poster Session Presentation, Empathy Instruction K5, NCU Graduation, Phoenix, AZ, July 2017

·  Media for ongoing volunteer work: 2017: http://portlandtribune.com/cr/24-news/364946-245601-art-is-the-star-at-milwaukies-first-friday

·  Selected National Presenter NABE (National Association of Bilingual Educators) 2015, Using Comics to Increase Literacy, and 2011 Engaging Adolescents with Chronic Academic Failure.

· Co-spokesperson- Seattle Museum Month-Burke Natural History Museum, 2016, 

·  Recipient of Oregon Education Association “Excellence in Teaching Award” in 2011.                                              http://portlandtribune.com/component/content/article?id=5509                                          

                                                                      Dr. Emmerling-Baker is available for:                                                                                                                      

  1. -2 hour to multiple day trainings (college credit available for many courses).
  2. -Coaching and modeling.
  3. -Prices are available per day/hour, with discounts for Pacific Northwest Schools.
  4. -Contact Denise at: denise@artcompassioneducation.com or (503) 407-1940, references available upon request


We are all talented and gifted in some areas and need help in others.

Together we need to nurture and celebrate the gifts in each one of us.