"Learning to stand in somebody else's shoes, to see through their eyes, that's how peace begins. And it's up to you to make that happen."-Barack Obama

     We feel strongly that the Arts are an important part of community building, creative education, mental wellness, and cross cultural empathy building. We are skilled at adding the "A" for arts to STEM projects=STEAM.                                                     We have over 30 years involvement in the greater Portland area arts' scene. We support many artists and arts organizations through help in designing events, promotion, participation, fundraising and volunteer coordination.                                                We help design & curate art programs, lead creative projects, guide collaborative team projects & murals, and integrate a variety of genre of arts into community service and fundraising. 

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."-Pablo Picasso

Art, Compassion, Education is available to help integrate art and arts projects into your organization/school/business:

1.  Collaborate with community organizations, schools and businesses to help design and guide art events, shows, guide group and individual acrylic fine arts, faux, and mural painting projects that incorporate team building, community service fund raising, and inspire critical thinking and creativity. See our Community Projects page for more information.                      

2.  Refer many local artists and a site curator as well as offer a collection of artwork available for purchase and/or to include in local shows/fund raisers/for rotating art curation. We are affiliated with a plethora of artists and galleries throughout the Portland Metro area. We are happy to refer clients to one of the terrific artists working in a variety of genres that might fit the goals of your organization.

3.  STEAM project guidance. Lead educators to integrate art across the rigorous curriculum in Math, Humanities, Literacy, Science and English to Speakers of Other  Languages (ESOL), and as Art for Mental Health designed for individuals or groups, PreK-adult. Director, Dr. Denise E. Baker has integrated art across the curriculum as a K-12 Literacy, Language Arts and ESOL specialist for over 20 years. She has also been a national consultant for educational best practices including integration of arts and creativity across the curriculum, to increase inclusiveness, equity, creativity, critical thinking, and global perspective.

4. Artist In Residence; Work with students, staff, teams to paint or create a collage mural on site, offer on site art and writing classes integrated with vision, mission and goals. 

5. Train the Trainer Model and Volunteer Training and Coordinator  to help guide an on site arts integration team, sharing, exploring and organizing resources to meet individual school and organizational needs. Resources such as: Education and Community Engagement with P'5 Centers for Arts , Young Audiences Arts in Education Resources and National Arts Standards, and so many more.

     Denise Emmerling-Baker is an acrylic painting and collage artisit fortunate to be invited to participate in many art shows in the Portland, Oregon area, to have collaborated with Philip Emmerling Studio on faux and mural work around the world, has experience as a former member of a city arts committee, downtown business arts liaison,and Denise is an experienced educator with years integrating art across the curriculum. See samples of artwork by Denise Emmerling-Baker on Instagram @deniseemmerlingbaker and contact our office to view a current selection of available artwork and/or project ideas for your organization.

Past projects include: 

-Adult faux and mural painting classes and community projects, US and Australia

-After school art programs at: Welches Middle School, Welches, OR , crafts at K.Marie loves Glitter in Milwaukie, OR

- PreK-grade 8 art projects and programs: including Arts and Crafts Middle School- painting school columns, furniture, etc., Reading Spanish, Kinder-play

•Art Lit. classroom guide school wide integration of a monthly focus artist

• STEAM Pre-K-12 Arts Embedded Education-18 years: Oswego Playschool (Lake Oswego, OR), Kenwood School (Bend, OR) Oregon Trail School District (Sandy-Welches, OR), Archdiocese of Oregon (St. Agatha School). Projects:

      -Literacy through art, books, collages, song writing, adult-student paired drawing/writing 

     -In class murals and art projects with students  at multiple buildings K-12, including Tempura, Acrylic, & Collage

     -Video, song production, and multi-media projects with Students

     -Poetry lessons, bringing in published poets and publishing chap books with students

     -Scottish Storyline cross content: 6 week unit, where students created props, kept journals and systematically solved problems that arose on our ship as discovered daily through a note in a bottle, included art, performance, songs, bilingual (Spanish-English)

     -Scottish Story Line Integrated week unit at High School on Japanese Internment, including video productions, art, poetry, music, creative journaing and student lead multimedia projects related to Japanese Internment.

     -Language Arts teacher of student winner of 1400 student school wide writing contest, non-fiction, notable because the winner was a Freshman English Language Learner

     -Arranged for, accompanied many students to, and integrated curriculum related to various plays and other cultural events including: Portland'5 Centers for the Arts, Portland Art Museum, Museum at Warm Springs, Portland Children's Theater, Ash land Shakespeare Festival, Milagro Theatre, Cesar Chavez Conference, Eastern European Language Conference, Civil Rights Speakers (Middle School),

     -Arranged for/assisted with Artists in Residence, including African drummer Obo Addy (at two schools), tile and mural artists Lisa Riversong, many authors including author Nan Hunt

     -Assistance with theater arts set construction and painting, costume preparation, field trips, creation of historical and informational story boards for plays including Statewide Standards and connections to current events. 

     -Volunteer coordination for student projects: art shows, music, theater.