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Art, Compassion, Education are proud to promote performance artists throughout Oregon, including the fabulous band Mask & Marrow, lead by Casey Emmerling, lead singer, song writer, and guitar.

                                                                   Photo : Casey Emmerling,  Mask & Marrow 

Musicians/Actors     "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players..." William Shakespeare


Mask & Marrow: Portland, OR based rock group (Garage,blues, psych...) is guided by lead singer/guitarist Casey Emmerling.  The award-winning members have years of experience performing together and with other bands. The diverse repertoire of songs by Mask & Marrow can be heard at https://www.facebook.com/maskandmarrow or https://maskandmarrow.bandcamp.com/         

Please contact Mask & Marrow for recording, song writing, or performance from our contact page or maskandmarrow@gmail.com